Andreas S. Henriksen

Andreas started as a radio host at Studio 16 in Vejle and later, moved with the radio station to VLR where he was the radio host for a number of years.

Several years after having discontinued radio work, Andreas established his own little sound studio in 2008 in order to begin “playing with his voice“. He quickly began getting more and more tasks and some of his first customers were XY, Leaf Danmark and Google, among others. Already in December 2010, Andreas started working as a voice actor on the professional level (however, only part-time), but that also gathered speed. Before too long, Andreas’ voice could be heard on TV, on the radio, on the computer, in telephones, on iPads and even on Avast Antivirus, which was rolled out for free to thousands of Danes with the voice “Avast virus database is now updated”.

      Avast Antivirus

To further develop his voice skills, Andreas took voice training sessions with, e.g.  Klaus Møller and Anne Louise Krogh in order to get to know his voice better and to gain a few techniques so he would not wear out his voice.

In 2012 Andreas became a professional voice actor full-time and opportunities continued to come his way. At the same time, all his studio equipment was replaced because only quality equipment is good enough. Andreas is one of the really popular and skilled voice actors and has his own top-class sound studio and sound quality.

Many of the recordings today are done with standard direction from the customer via e-mail/telephone, but it is also possible to participate in a live session via Skype, while Andreas speaks in front of the microphone. This is a popular request for larger projects such as nationwide TV or cinema commercials.

Pictures of Andreas S. Henriksen