Price structure for voice over

The price depends a great deal on the length of the voice-over, what your actual voice-over will be used for, where it will be played and for how long a period. therefore, it is far easier if you send an enquiry directly to Andreas.

Remember to include the following information:

  • How many words are in the manuscript?

    The number of words gives an idea of how many minutes the voice-over will involve.

  • Where will it be played/showed?

    E.g. radio, TV, social media, eLearning, telephone system or own website, etc.

  • What will it be used for?

    E.g. commercial / private / association, etc.

  • How long will it be used for?

    E.g. a year, five years – or for always.

  • Do you have special requirements for the voice-over?

    E.g. that you want to oversee the recording or similar.

Price examples for a voice over

Recording for your voice mail (phone systems) will cost DKK 850.00 for max. four phrases.

Approx. 10 minutes (max. 1,200 words) for standard eLearning will cost DKK 2,025.00 (unlimited use in terms of time). However, the minimum price is DKK 1,125.00.

A nationwide commercial for TV and cinema will cost DKK 4,500.00 (incl. one year’s use). A sponsorship for national TV will cost DKK 3,500.00 for the intro, bumper and outro (incl. one year’s use). The prices are, however, exclusive of a studio fee if a director is required for the recordings, physically or via Skype.

Contact Andreas here to receive a specific price for your speak and voice over.

All prices are exclusive VAT. Reservation is made for printing errors and possible price changes.