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This is where you will find countless voices (voice-over) or rather, you will find one of the voice actors in Denmark who has the broadest range of voice types – right from the mature, serious manly voice, to the documentary voice with a little more life and on to the happy and fresh voice. Or what about a voice for recitals or perhaps for narrating children’s books? The voice for your company presentation, your voice mail, in the elevator, for the defibrillator, in the computer game, for the presentation of your product in your cinema commercial spot or for your radio or TV commercial, or for your next eLearning project…?

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Andreas S. Henriksen is a real ‘voice chameleon’.

Listen to his show reel below and read more about him and his skills here

Voice Over

…also known as voice acting, voicing or reciting, is actually exactly what the name says; “voice on top of something”. For example, it is a narrator’s voice “on top” of a documentary film or similar – or a voice over of a TV commercial.

Voice acting

…is as the word says, “voice acting”. It may well be that you have a “good voice”, but if you are unable to tackle the art of acting with your voice, then it’s not worth anything. Andreas is able to give empathy, dynamics and emotions.

Professional male voice

Andreas is “proud” and professional about his work. He only collects satisfied customers and therefore puts in a lot of effort so that you can be satisfied. If you would like to be present as a listener on smaller projects when he is in the studio, then that is not a problem.

For example, Andreas has done voice-overs for

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